Can working out make you rich?

Can working out make you rich?

Can working out make you rich?


I ask myself quite often why fitness buffs aren’t all rich? I know some are but I have a difficult time understanding how someone can be so disciplined in taking care of their body and lack discipline in other parts of their lives. Then it hits me…I have a friend who is about my same age and in amazing shape, he works out regularly, eats right, always keeps himself clean-cut and well dressed, but yet can’t seem to get ahead financially. Now I’m not obese or anything and used to be in pretty good shape in my twenties but you can say I rock more of the “dad bod” these days. I drink a bit too much, don’t eat right and rarely go to the gym. Yet I am as obsessed about finances as my friend is fitness, and I seem to think I have a pretty “lean” balance sheet. I personally think it is way harder to maintain a body builder physic in your 30’s than balance a budget but I guess we each have our strengths. No pun intended.


This friend has reached out to me in the past for some business advice and I try to give the best advice I can without dissecting his whole personal life, but it just never seems to hit home. It seems as the information just doesn’t make sense, kind of like him explaining to me the benefits of pre-work out supplements and working associated muscle groups. It all looks good in theory but putting it into practice seems to be a struggle for both of us in our respective challenges.


I say to myself if a guy like this was as laser focused on his finances as he was on his ab muscles there would be no stopping the guy. How can we learn to apply such disciplines to other parts of our lives as we do to the ones we have such great passion for.


After thinking about this subject for some time all I can conclude is we have to have a mentor or “trainer”. Body builders like any athlete have a trainer and routines, someone to spot you when it gets a little too tough to push on. Whether it’s working off your fat or working off that debt we all need a little motivation to keep going when things get tough.


So if you know you need to get into financial shape, but don’t know where to start, get yourself a support system, set goals, find your motivation, right down routines to stick to and find a trainer. There are many online resources like this blog or non-profit organizations to help you succeed. The trick is to get your butt off the couch and start working out!


I’d love to hear what you are passionate about, leave me a comment below.

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2 Thoughts to “Can working out make you rich?”

  1. I’m the same as you. I can work on my finances all day long, but when it comes to going to the gym…forget it. Very interesting perspective…enjoyed reading your post.

  2. I have swings in both areas of my life. I have run a marathon, but have been out on injury for over a year. I learned that focusing on my finances (and starting my blog to share my journey) also turned a switch in some nutrition areas. I still can’t run, but my body is feeling better and so is my mind. I think balance and knowing that cycles are normal helps a lot.

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