Welcome to my website. My intention is to give my readers a different approach to “traditional” investing. Over the past 15 years I have been involved in a wide range of investments including real estate, business ownership, stocks, currency and commodities. My background is not from a wealthy family, I didn’t have financial guidance and I don’t have a master’s degree in business or finances. I simply work hard, look for opportunities and take a few calculated risks.

I try to find opportunity in everything, many people take for granted how easy it can be to make money and reinvest for the future. The title of this site is not completely accurate some of the investments we will explore will involve a level of debt, however this debt will be leveraged to make money which is slightly different from buying deprecating assets with credit. Please take the time to subscribe and follow me as we explore some unusual ways the “average Joe” can get ahead.

So who is this guy?

My name is Rob, and I have been on my financial journey for as long as I can remember, from mowing lawns after school to working 2 jobs my senior year. As I mentioned in the intro I don’t have an MBA in finance or come from a silver spoon family. I started out as an electrician with an internship right out of trade school, but I always had a knack for saving money, finding opportunities to make extra cash and seeing the big picture.

How it started….I saved up and bought a duplex at the age of 20, bought my first rehab/flip house at 21 and started my part-time contracting company at 22, the same year I got my New York state real estate license. By the age of 24 I was completely self-employed, and at 26 I got my brokers license and opened my real estate brokerage. At the age of 28 I sold everything and moved to Florida to assist family, we paid cash for our house and we where officially debt free.  I will try to fill in the pieces as to how I was able to grow my business, buy millions of dollars worth of real estate and become debt free by my 30’s. I did all this without a fancy degree or financial assistance from family, and I strongly believe ANYONE including you can do what you set out to do. 

Now my fiance and I live in sunny Florida, I hold a Florida real estate license, flip homes part-time and work on my online business from home. We like to travel, take new adventures and are saving for early retirement.

Follow along as we take the rest of the journey together!


Oh and read this book, it is amazing and will hopefully give you a leg up on how to get rich. I love it and recommend it to everyone who is interested in getting started. Click on the photo to pick up a copy!